• Testimonials

  • From 3 generations: “Serova School of Dance is a excellent dance studio. It is geared for children of all ages.  Maggie, the owner, is a enthusiastic and wonderful teacher. She treats all the children like her own. There are also adult classes too. Miss Vida teaches our tap class. She is so motivated and a graceful dancer. She keeps us on our toes at all times. Serova is a great place to dance and learn the arts".

  • Our family has been a part of the Serova family for 5 years. Our three daughters dance there and began as three year olds taking Baby Ballet and have progressed as the years have passed. Our eldest takes ballet, pointe, jazz, and lyrical and we have enjoyed watching her grow in grace and poise as a result of her dance classes at Serova. She has loved dancing at dance competitions, in the recitals, and at the Moving for MS Benefits. One of my favorite moments was watching her dance on Pointe for her recital last Spring. We are so happy that we found Serova and have made it our home for dance.

    Jaclyn from Branchburg

  • If you want a place where your child can not only learn to dance, but be in a caring family environment....Serova School of Dance is the place for you! Teachers not only teach the love and skills of dance but the Serova family is inviting and all inclusive! Love the community service opportunities our dancers are involved with as well! Love that the older dancers support and cheer on the younger dancers! Love love love Serova School of Dance!!!

    Christy Else Semper

  • Serova instills a love of dance with the highest level of instruction and compassion for anyone who has the desire to learn. From the director to the teachers and even the senior Serova ⭐️Stars⭐️ you are treated like family. My daughter walked in the door at three years old and there's nothing I would want more than her to dance across the stage as a senior.

    Melissa Reina

  • Looking for a dance studio, look no further. Serova School of Dance is a wonderful place to learn to dance and to grow as a person. My daughter started dancing at Serova at the age of two and danced till she was 18 (her senior year in high school) and plans on taking dance classes in college. The studio offers so many different types of classes with teachers who care about each and every dancer. Moms and Dad's are part of the family too not just the dancers. The older girls take the younger girls and make them feel real special. The support the dancers have for each other is fantastic. The friendships the dancers make are for life not just during their class. My daughter hears a song on the radio she danced to and will start smiling. When I ask her why she is smiling she'll tell me something about when she danced to the song and who she danced with. No auditions to participate in competitions, most of the classes participate. Yes, there are some that don't. Serova has so much to offer, become a Serova S*T*A*R* today and start making memories that will last a life time..

    Kelly Sorace Patullo

  • Being a Serova School of Dance student for 10 years, I couldn't be more confident to say that this studio has been the foundation for my love of dance that I've even carried with me into college now. Not many schools around have ballet training as a requirement but thankfully, Serova offers that much needed dance foundation. The teachers are caring and completely devoted to their students! Entire studio has such a welcoming and warm atmosphere! At Serova I found my second family and second home as a Serova S*T*A*R*. I wouldn't have wanted to grow up dancing anywhere else!

    Eugenia Grigorian