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  • "Serova School of Dance" was originally founded in 1917 in New York City under the name of “The Russian School of Ballet”, by Madame Sonia Serova, a famous Russian ballerina and her husband, a Russian Ballet Master. Madame Serova taught the likes of Lucia Chase and other famous ballerinas. It was from Madame Serova that the strong foundation for the teaching of young children was laid. Madame Serova loved young children and believed that dance training should begin at an early age. She felt that such training is of immeasurable value for the health and physical development of a child. Madame Serova became known as the country’s leading authority on the teaching of dance for children. She was the author of many fine works on dancing. Her books regarding the teaching of dance to children, including: “Baby Work”, “Talented Tots”, “Nature Dancing” and “Childhood Rhythms” were well received in the dance world.

    In 1945 the school was moved from New York City to Somerville, New Jersey under the direction of Cynthia Serova, Madame Sonia Serova’s daughter. The school was located on the second floor of the Old Court Theatre building at 34 East Main Street. At the same time that “United Artists” sold that Main Street building, Cynthia Serova sold Serova School of Dance to a young dance professional named Maggie Sharp, the school’s present artistic director. Not unlike Madame Serova, Maggie’s (known to her students as “Miss Maggie”) love for children and her ability to work with them, helped to carry on the tradition of excellence in dance training at the school. For almost 10 years the dance studio was located at 17 Division Street. The school then moved back to the Old Court Theatre building on Main Street for a total of eleven years. Five years ago, Serova moved to its present location which boasts 4 dance classrooms, a beautiful reception area, dressing rooms, restrooms, a private office, teacher’s lounge and costume/prop room and plenty of free parking. The studio is conveniently located in the Union Avenue shopping plaza right next to the Division of Motor Vehicles.

    “Serova School of Dance” is a true hometown business with the well being of its customers and especially its students in mind. Serova continues to bring the joy of the art of dance just as did Madame Serova beginning in 1917. The studio’s address is: 8 Roosevelt Place, Somerville, NJ 08876. Serova School of Dance offers classes in Ballet, Contemporary, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, and Tumbling for ages 2 1/2 thru adult.