• Classes Offered

  • Baby Ballet
    For dancers ages 2.5 to 3.5, a warm, nurturing introduction to dance with Ballet as the foundation. Taught on the toddler level and filled with fun, positive learning experiences. Great introduction to socialization. 

    For 3.5  to 5 years old, an introduction to Ballet mixed with a creative flair to engage the young dancer and begin the foundation for dance with positive re-enforcement. Builds confidence, grace, balance and poise. 

    For ages 6 & up, classical ballet training including the breakdown of fundamentals and continuing on with ballet terminology throughout the different levels.

    For dancers ages five and up, we teach beginner thru advanced tap technique and terminology with an emphasis on rhythm and timing.

    For ages 10 & up, upon teacher recommendation. Classical ballet done in pointe shoes for the more advanced dancer.

    For ages 7 & up, Classical Jazz technique including Broadway style as well as Street Jazz, and Funk.

    For ages 7 & up - combination of Ballet and Jazz, usually tells the story of the music thru the dance moves.

    For ages 8 & up - combination of Ballet, Jazz, Modern and or Lyrical as seen on So You Think You Can Dance.

    Hip Hop
    For ages 5 & up - one of the most popular dance forms of today. Done in street type clothing and sneakers, and includes popping, locking and break dancing.

    For ages 9 & up, a more relaxed, free style of dance that is usually done in bare feet. Innovative and expressive for the versatile dancer.